“Edvard” (2007)
143 stainless forks, wood
Edvard 3

Edvard 2

Edvard 1

Best of Show – Texas A&M University 1st Annual Women’s Art Exhibit;
Best of Show – Rockwall District Art Show;
1st Place – Rowlett City Library Exhibit;
Honorable Mention – Booker T. Washington Magnet School Juried Art Show

“Alvin Fritz Douglas” (2009)
plaster, wood, hammer, nail
Hammer Hand 1

Hammer Hand 2

“Leclair” (2015)
143 plastic Barbie doll shoes




currently unnamed (2016)
egg shells


“Measured Blooms” (2014)
stainless measuring spoons
Measured Blooms 1

Measured Blooms 2

“Abstract Elegance” (2007)
aluminum wire, wood
Wire Swan 1

Wire Swan 2

“Jordana” (2008)
silver, Swarovski crystals, glass
Jordana 1

Jordana 2

“Life in a Box” (2008)
Life in a Box 1

Life in a Box 2

“Elizabeth” (2014)
duct tape, glitter
Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth 2

“Molten Paper” (2012)
paper pulp, wood, paint
Molten Paper 1

Molten Paper 2

“Taking Flight” (2013)
paper, foam, aluminum
Learning to Fly 1

Learning to Fly 2

“Sticky Fingers” (2008)
duct tape

Sticky Fingers

“Weathered and Worn” (2014)
plaster, wood
Weathered and Worn 1

Weathered and Worn 2
Weathered and Worn 3
“Midas Touch” (2012)
Golden Touch 4
 Golden Touch 2
Golden Touch 3
“Silver Leaf” (2014)
leaves, wood, paint
Silver Leaf 1
 Silver Leaf 2
Silver Leaf 3
“I Love You” (2009)
wire, spools, beads
I Love You
“A Study in Paper” (2007)
Study in Paper 1
Study in Paper 2
“A Study of Balance” (2008)
clay, wood, paint
Study in Clay 1
“Media” (2009)
papier-mache, stainless handcuffs

Please note, I do not have a hand fetish. Hands were my concentration for my AP Sculpture portfolio in high school



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