I was raised in the smallest county in Texas, Rockwall.  In 2002 I spent time in Children’s Medical Center of Dallas (did a stint in the ICU) and lost a kidney.  I recovered from my nephrectomy and have gone on to lead a normal life. In 2013, I graduated from (the best university in the great state of Texas, if not the world) Texas A&M University. Whoop!  After graduation I started my own company, AbstractDesigns.  AbstractDesigns has found great success providing graphics and classroom décor to teachers across the globe.

I started this blog to chronicle the escapades of my life.  I have overcome some very tough times and if I can help others do the same I would be overjoyed!  I will share my story (thus far), my thoughts, jokes (I love riddles, puzzles and games), creations, fears, triumphs and goals.  That being said, this is a place for positivity; there is NO ROOM FOR HATE here.  (“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” –Sweet Brown)

Mondays will be “Motivational Mondays”, I will share some of my favorite short and positive quotes to inspire and motivate you through the beginning of the week; after all, “The first five days after the weekend are the hardest.”  Fridays will be my posts on various topics, my thoughts, ideas, project updates, etc.  If you have ideas for post topics or questions, please visit my contact page.

 I am:   An artist.   A collector of miniatures.  A lover of black and white houndstooth, quotes, board games and thunderstorms.  A maker and collector of Christmas decorations.  A voracious reader.  A planner.  An admirer of the Duchess of Cambridge.  A sister.  A daughter.  A nerd.   A small business owner.  A creative (although old) soul.  Sometimes stubborn.  Frequently funny.  

I am the One Kidney Wonder.


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