2015 Goals (1st Quarter Update)

As the first quarter of the year draws to an end I thought I would share my status on the goals I shared earlier this year.

  1. Complete dollhouse construction (wiring, painting, etc)

I have acquired most of the materials I need to complete my dollhouse, i.e. lights, wire, wallpaper, stair railing…

I have completed the painting the majority of the outside of the house (excluding trim).

I hope to have a better update on this goal next quarter.

  1. Learn to play Chess

I have read Chess for Beginners by I.A. Horowitz (the first 24 pages for all that complete novices really need to start with). I have downloaded a chess app to practice playing alone until I can get a friend or family member to learn and play with me.

I have surprised myself, although I have the difficulty set on easy, I have won several games, and many games have ended in a stalemate or draw.

  1. Read more books than I did last year.

Of the 36 books I aim to read this year I have already read 12 (three ahead of schedule!). As long as I continue the current trend of three books each month I am sure to meet this goal in the next nine months.

  1. Master a minimum of 6 songs on the piano.

I have yet to master any new songs this year… I HAVE polished the songs in my repertoire. I do have several songs I am working on mastering. I hope to have a better update on this goal next quarter as well.

  1. Be positive.

I think I am making some progress with this goal. Why is it easier to remind/help others stay positive than it is to keep yourself from stumbling over negativity?

As expected, some days are better than others, but I consider myself in good standing on this one.


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