Love List

A few years ago I saw the idea to write a list of 100 things that you love. I started a list of my own and did not finish it (I think I got to 32 things).

Last week I started reading the second book in The Secret series, The Power. So far I love it. It talks about how, “Every good thing is created in love… Love is a positive force… Love is the positive force”; it helps me understand some of the things I had trouble applying/accepting from The Secret.

I have realized I do not use the word “love” enough in my life. I kind of always thought that love was mushy and romantic or the unbreakable bond that you share with your family and best friends. I am coming to see that I was looking at love through a viewfinder with a very narrow slit. Why can’t I apply the word love to how I feel in my favorite dress? Why can’t I apply the word love to my addiction to the delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter, or pineapple? Why can’t I apply the word love to the crisp smell and feel of an Autumn day?

We should celebrate the little things that make us smile. Every day. From a great parking spot, a kind cashier, an actual letter in the mail, to a great hair day, a compliment from a stranger or hearing an old favorite song on the radio.

I completed my list [of 100 things that I love] last week. I challenge you to write your own list. Then when you have one of those inevitable bad days, when everything seems to be going against you, you can read over your list and refocus your thoughts and outlook.


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