Would You Rather Wednesday (January 28, 2015)

Would you rather visit Europe or Mexico?

Although this question is a little skewed (Europe is a whole continent and Mexico is only a country) I would rather visit Europe.  I grew up in a house with family members who are all big history buffs and although I do not tend to be as into history as they are (as I get older I am become a little more so), but I would love to visit Europe for the history, beautiful sights, the artwork I studied in art history for many years. I also grew up within a road trip’s distance from the Gulf of Mexico, and compared to the beloved Outer Banks of North Carolina, the gulf is not that impressive (nothing smells quite like Galveston beach).
I want to visit the various tourist destinations in Europe from Buckingham Palace in London, to the vast collections of the Louvre (France), the original von Trapp house (Austria), the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and even dark tourism sites such as Auschwitz (Poland), the Colosseum (Itay) and Bran Castle (Romania).  I have more things to cross off of my bucket list in Europe than Mexico. I would rather visit Europe, how about you?


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