Art has always been a part of my life.  Like our musical inclination, my family has always had artistic talent.  My mother paints beautifully, by sister draws incredibly, my father has been known to dabble in the drawing realm but woodworking is really his forte.  It took me a while to find my own niche within the art world but in middle school, I discovered my love of sculpture.

Again, in my high school pre-AP class I discovered that this love was truly more of a passion.  My class was assigned to create something using 100 identical objects.  Initially I wanted to make a shoe out of Barbie shoes. Alas I could not procure 100 Barbie shoes so I set out to find a different object.  At the time I was in a high school musical and thought I would survey my peers for ideas… I got answers from flowers to bananas and CDs.  In the end I settled on forks. Not plastic forks mine you; real, silver (colored) metal forks.  I raided the local Dollar Tree and used my Christmas check from my grandparents to buy 71 pairs of forks (plus one lonely one that got separated from its partner).  I then proceeded to bring home an eight foot piece of poplar wood in my tiny Honda.  After several attempts to get these to stick together (glue dots created a land slide under the weight of these forks) I discovered a little thing called “Plumber’s Putty”.

In the end this masterpiece, “Edvard”, went on to win two Best of Show awards, one first place blue ribbon and an honorable mention from a prestigious juried show.

Today I launch the ‘Art’ page of the OKW blog.  Here I have posted, and aim to continue to post, photos of my favorite pieces. Enjoy!




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  1. I love your picture! And that you’re willing to share your art with the world. I’m so proud of you little sister. You forgot to mention that Dad was a shutterbug, too. He tends to keep his talents hidden. 🙂

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